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Smart wifi sprinkler timer

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Table of Contents


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Welcome to


57946-24 Rev A



Table ofContents

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Table of Contents


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Summary of Contents for Orbit B-hyve

  • Page 1 Welcome to SMART WIFI SPRINKLER TIMER User’s Guide 57946-24 Rev A...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    PERFORMANCE, CONNECT a great job, sometimes a little help is needed. That is TO WIFI TO RECEIVE THE where we come in. When you connect your B-hyve LATEST TIMER UPDATES. Smart WiFi Sprinkler Timer to your Wi-Fi, you are plugging in to nature. The local weather, along with...
  • Page 3: Sprinkler Timer

    Parts Sprinkler Timer Weather Resistant Cover Lock and Latch Digital Display Dial Swing Door Panel Installation Hardware Reset Button Transformer Battery Compartment Screwdriver Timer Controls BACK: PROG ABC: To go back a step or To move to a different return to main menu program See page 8 Note: BACK can be pushed...
  • Page 4: Digital Display

    Turn all stations/functions off B-hyve™ App You will need to Install the B-hyve™ app and create an account on your smart device after the timer is installed. Note: There is a wizard in the app to guide you Timer Connected Weather/Temp.
  • Page 5: Installation Selecting A Location

    Installation Selecting a Location When choosing a location for your timer, consider the following: Minimum Signal Choose a location near an electrical outlet. Locate it where there is a good Wi-Fi signal Tip: You can check this using a smart phone. (Find Important: Timer is weather-resistant to UL-50 and a location that has a minimum of two bars.) ETL®Listings, but should not be placed in areas...
  • Page 6: Wiring The Sprinkler Valves

    In wet environments like a valve box it is recommended to use Orbit Grease Caps to prevent corrosion of the connection and for protection from water infiltration. Important: The wire can be buried in the ground;...
  • Page 7: Connecting Electrical Power

    Connecting Electrical Power Once your B-hyve™ timer is plugged into the power source, it will automatically look to pair with your smart device. In the top left corner of the timer display the Wi-Fi icon will begin a graduated blinking sequence. This indicates that your timer is ready to pair with a smart device.
  • Page 8: Replacing The Battery

    Tip: You can re-pair your smart device with your B-hyve™ timer by turning the dial to “Off” and The B-hyve™ timer will create its own network that will pressing the reset button on the back of the swing appear in your list of available Wi-Fi connections on panel.
  • Page 9: Program Button (Prog Abc)

    Program Button (ABC) Your sprinkler timer provides the flexibility of using 3 independent programs (A,B,C). A program is where you store all of your sprinkler settings. It consists of a group of stations set to specific start times and run times. Multiple programs allow you to run different valves on different days with different run times.
  • Page 10: Start Time

    Start Time This is the time of day that your programmed watering starts, the first zone will begin watering at the 1st start time. You can set up to 4 start times. When a start time is set before the previous program has completed, that start time will be “stacked”...
  • Page 11: How Often

    How Often There are three options when determining how often (what days or intervals) the timer will water. Days of the week (Mon, Tues, Wed, etc.) Intervals (Every “X” number of days) Odd or Even Days Days of the Week 1.
  • Page 12: Auto

    Auto Budget The water budgeting feature makes it easy to change all of The timer should be in AUTO during the irrigation season your run times without having to change them one by one. and OFF in the winter months or the non-irrigation months. This is perfect for adjusting all zones for seasonal changes.
  • Page 13: Rain Sensor

    Term Definition To water a specific zone 1. Turn the dial until the selection box is on MANUAL. START TIME 2. Press the dial. You will now see ALL show in the display. The time the program begins watering 3. Turn the dial past the A, B, C programs until STATION the first programmed station.
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Problem Possible cause 1. Faulty solenoid connection 2. Wire damaged or severed One or more valves do not turn on 3. Flow control stem screwed down, shutting valve off 4. Programming is incorrect 1. Water pressure is too high Stations turn on when they are not supposed to 2.
  • Page 15: Specifications

    Temperature Operating Range: following the original retail purchase (the “Warranty Period”). If the Product fails to conform to this Limited Warranty during the Warranty Period, Orbit will, at its Operating: 32-167° F (0-75° C) sole discretion, either (a) repair or replace any defective Product or component;...
ORBIT B-HYVE USER MANUAL Pdf Download (2024)


Can you use B-hyve without WiFi? ›

Thanks for connecting and welcome to B-hyve™! Remember, you can set your timer up with the app . But, if you don't have wifi or just want to make an adjustment while you are outside, you can do it at the timer . Timer changes will be reflected in the app, and app changes will be reflected at the timer .

How to program a B-hyve timer? ›

How to program the B-hyve Indoor/Outdoor timer at the device
  1. Turn the dial until the selection box is on Start Time.
  2. Press the dial. ...
  3. Press the dial again. ...
  4. Turn the dial until the desired hour is reached.
  5. Press the dial to move to minutes and repeat step four until the desired minute is reached.

Where is the reset button on B-hyve? ›

For the Outdoor controller, perform a factory reset by holding down the reset button (located on the back of the swing panel) for 10-12 seconds. For the Indoor controller, press the B-hyve Button 5 times on the center of the device. For the B-hyve XR, press the B-hyve Button 5 times on the center of the device.

Why won't my orbit timer start? ›

One or more stations do not turn on:
  • Make sure programming is correct.
  • Make sure programming is not in OFF or Rain Delay mode.
  • Remove jack, clean debris, re-plug jack.
  • Clean debris from solenoid.
  • Replace batteries.
  • Replace solenoid.

How do you troubleshoot the orbit hose timer? ›

When you insert the batteries, be sure to check they're facing the right direction, are fully seated, and when you insert the tray that it's fully sealed shut. If the Hose Timer is still unresponsive, try resetting the device by pressing the B-hyve button five times.

Does B-hyve work if the internet is down? ›

Typically smart watering will create programs up to 2-weeks out, and can continue to run these created programs as long as the timer is not connected to WiFi. While your controller is offline, you will not be able to control it remotely from the app through WiFi.

What does smart watering mean on B-hyve? ›

Timer Smart Watering allows the controller to act on a rain delay based on predicted rain event using standard controller station programming.

How to get B-hyve out of off mode? ›

B-Hyve Hose Faucet Timer Shows the Device Is Off
  1. From the Home Page of the app, tap on My B-hyve.
  2. Select Devices.
  3. Tap on your timer.
  4. You should then see Device Run Mode.
  5. Turn the device to AUTO and the device will then be ON.


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