McLennan County Detention Center TX Recent Arrests and Bookings (2024)

McLennan County Detention Center Recent Bookings & Arrests

How do I find out if someone has been arrested and booked into the McLennan County Detention Center?

To find out if someone you know has been recently arrested and booked into the McLennan County Detention Center, call the jail’s booking line at 254-757-2555.

There may be an automated method of looking them up by their name over the phone, or you may be directed to speak to someone at the jail. Sometimes the jail staff may ask you the offender’s date of birth to ensure privacy of the offender’s status.

Keep in mind that after an arrest, the information on an offender may not be publicly available for several hours.

If you don’t want to check up on an offender by calling the jail, you can also try looking up people recently booked online.

McLennan County Detention Center Booking Roster

What happens during booking in McLennan County?

After being arrested and taken into custody, and after being read their Miranda Rights, an offender will next be transported to the local police or department or the Sheriff’s Department in McLennan County for booking.

Booking is very involved and requires multiple steps in the process, however, keep in mind that most attorneys will advise that an offender remain silent and not offer any additional information about the crime they have been arrested for because anything they do say may be recorded and may very well be used against them in court.

What is the booking process like at the McLennan County Detention Center?

Booking includes having their photo (mugshot) and fingerprints taken, as well as being asked a lot of questions about their personal history and state of mind. If it’s a serious felony, their DNA may also be taken. They will also be checked for warrants in McLennan County and other Texas and USA jurisdictions.

If the offender was arrested for a DUI offense, and has refused a breathalyzer test, they may also be forced to have blood drawn by a doctor or nurse.

It is also very likely that the offender will undergo a humiliating full body search while in the nude. This includes bending over, spreading their cheeks in the direction of an officer, and coughing. They will also be walked through a metal detector or x-ray machine, like those used at an airport.

What kind of questions are asked during booking?

The arresting jurisdiction will ask about gang affiliations, tattoos, medical conditions, prescribed medication they are taking, recreational drugs they are on or addicted to, allergies, if they are suicidal, and other relevant information that will help with determining their cell assignment and special needs.

What happens to an offender’s personal property during booking?

During the arrest and booking process an offender will also have all their personal property confiscated and held for either their release from jail, or with the offender’s approval, released to a friend or family member.

Personal property includes the clothing they are wearing, money, wallets, purses, cell phones, jewelry, body rings, earrings, watches, and even glasses if they are deemed a security risk. If they are allowed to keep their shoes or sneakers, the laces are removed.

What happens after booking?

At this point the offender will be allowed to make a free phone call to a person of their choice to notify them of their arrest, and/or arrange a bond or bail for their release.

If the offender is being detained and housed while awaiting arraignment, the McLennan County Detention Center will provide a jail garment and slip-on shoes, a blanket, sheets, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and a towel.

Often, before they are dressed in the jail outfit and brought to their housing location, they will be forced to take a shower and undergo a disinfectant treatment for body and hair lice, scabies or other pests that may be residing on their person.

How long does the McLennan County Detention Center Booking process take?

Booking can take anywhere from an hour to 24 hours or more. It all depends on the number of people that are awaiting processing, the number of staff on duty at the time, and the behavior of the offender.

If the offender is heavily intoxicated and/or violent, the Booking Officer may decide to stick the offender in a holding cell for several hours until they become more manageable.

McLennan County Detention Center TX Recent Arrests and Bookings (2024)


How do I find an inmate in McLennan County Jail? ›

How can I obtain information regarding inmates incarcerated in the McLennan County Jail? Please call the McLennan County Sheriff's Office at 254-757-5000.

Can you visit someone in McLennan County Jail? ›

Inmate Visitation

All Inmates are allowed 2 visits of 30 minutes each visit. Visitors are required to be on the visitation list and have their account with Getting Out to visit in the facility.

How to put money on books in McLennan County Jail? ›

If you want to send funds to an inmate at McLennan County Jail, you can do it in two ways: You can deposit the money at the kiosk at the lobby during visitations in cash, credit, and debit cards. You can also mail money online through and credit or debit cards.

How do I write someone in McLennan County Jail? ›

How to message an inmate. You can use your phone or computer to send emails letters, and photos to an inmate. Messages are sent electronically to inmate tablets or kiosks at the facility. If you would like to send an message, start by searching for an inmate at McLennan County Jail .

Are mugshots public record in Texas? ›

Yes. The Texas Freedom of Information Laws are codified in the Texas Public Information Act (Texas Government Code 552) and other relevant statutes. The Texas Government Code 552 guarantees the rights of all persons to complete information about the affairs of the government and other public officials.

Do I have a warrant in McLennan County, Texas? ›

If you have to ask yourself "Do I have a warrant?" or "I think I'm being investigated by Waco Police Department" then you need to call the Warrant Team at Dunham & Jones and have them check for any possible active warrants you may have filed against you in McLennan County, Texas.

Can you call someone being held in jail? ›

Phone calls always need to be made from the incarcerated individual to you. Even if you have the phone number of the facility where they are located, you will not be able to call and talk to them. However, they will be able to call you.

Can you visit your husband in jail? ›

All incarcerated people are eligible to receive visits unless they have temporarily lost that privilege due to disciplinary action.

Can I visit a random prisoner? ›

You can only visit an inmate if they have placed you on their visiting list and you have been cleared by the BOP. Upon arriving at a new prison, inmates create a visiting list using the following process: An inmate is given a Visitor Information Form when he/she arrives at a new facility.

How do I order a care package for an inmate at McLennan County Jail? ›

Call 636-888-7003 (Need a 1-800 number? Click Here6283) any time day or night to access our automated system. Customer service representatives are available during regular business hours. What's your return policy?

How do I send a care package to an inmate in Texas? ›

Care packages (Securepak®) can be purchased by family and friends for incarcerated individuals. Care packages can be ordered through or 1-800-546-6283. The average processing and delivery time frame for Securepaks® is five days.

How to send money to a Texas inmate? ›

MONEY ORDERS or CASHIER'S CHECKS made payable to “Inmate Trust Fund for Offender Name and Number” 1. You may obtain deposit slips from offender or send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Inmate Trust Fund, PO Box 60, Huntsville, TX 77342-0060 2.

How to write someone in jail online? ›

The faster way to write an incarcerated individual

JPay's incarcerated individual email service is a fast, feature-rich way to correspond with your incarcerated loved one. Depending on the facility, incarcerated individuals may be able to respond electronically, view and print your message, and view photo attachments.

How do I address an envelope to someone in jail? ›

If you want to write to someone you know who is incarcerated, be sure to address the envelope using the person's full name, their Department of Corrections ID number, and the full name and address of the facility in which they are being held.

What district is McLennan County in? ›

Congressional district 17th

How much does the McLennan County Sheriff's Office pay? ›

The average McLennan County Sheriff's Office salary ranges from approximately $56,376 per year (estimate) for a Jailer to $56,376 per year (estimate) for a Jailer.

What county is Waco, Texas in? ›


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