Carter Reum Actually Has Another Child That Few People Know About (2024)

Big congrats are in order for Paris Hilton and Carter Reum, who just welcomed their second baby via surrogate this month.

Paris and Carter had already added baby boy, Phoenix, into the mix back in January, and Paris shared a cute update on Instagram about their new family of four.

Of course, this major news about Paris’ growing family has raised a lot of questions about her home life, including who Carter is and what he does. FWIW, Paris has raved about her husband in public. She previously told USA Today that she’s “so incredibly happy and in the best relationship of my life." She added, "I feel like a grownup finally, and I'm so excited for the next phase of my life: to have a family and just grow up.”

But who is Paris’ husband, exactly? Here’s everything you need to know about Carter Reum.

Carter and Paris started dating in 2019.

The two reportedly first became a thing around Thanksgiving 2019, according to The Independent. (The two met through mutual friends, per Page Six.)

Carter proposed about a year later on Paris’ birthday in a sweet moment she shared with fans on Instagram. “When you find your soulmate, you don’t just know it. You feel it, 💫” she wrote. “My love & I have been together since our first date, and for my birthday, he arranged a special trip to tropical paradise. 🏝️ As we walked to dinner along the beach, Carter led us to a cabana adorned with flowers and dropped to one knee. 💍 I said yes, yes to forever ❤️ There’s no one I’d rather spend forever with.”

He went to Columbia University.

Yup, Carter is a Columbia lion. He graduated magna cum laude in 2003, with a bachelor's degree in economics, per his LinkedIn.

Carter is a venture capitalist and entrepreneur.

Carter’s had his hand in a lot of different things. While he used to work at Goldman Sachs, he’s currently the co-founder of M13, a holding company that “differentiates itself by accelerating consumer brands at scale using a repeatable playbook approach,” according to his LinkedIn. M13 has invested in more than 125 companies you may have heard of, like Lyft, Pinterest, Ring, Daily Harvest, and SpaceX.

He also was the co-founder of VEEV Spirits with his brother, Courtney. FWIW: Carter and Courtney also wrote a book together called Shortcut Your Startup.

He has a similar family background to Paris.

Carter, like Paris, comes from a wealthy family. His dad, Bob Reum, was president, chairman, and CEO of Amsted Industries, which is one of the largest private enterprises in the U.S. That company is currently valued at $4.4 billion, according to Forbes, so Carter’s dad must have made a pretty solid salary as a result.

Carter has a brother, Courtney, with whom he’s done business, and a sister, Halle.

How did Paris and Carter meet?

These two are actually old family friends, and Paris told People they've known each other for about 15 years. In fact, they re-met and started dating after Paris went to Carter's sister's Thanksgiving party.

"We just had this incredible chemistry," she told People. "We had our first date and haven't spent a night apart since. It's pretty amazing."

Carter's tall-ish.

He stands at 5-feet, 11-inches, according to completely unvalidated Internet reports. (Paris is listed at 5-feet, 8-inches, BTW.)

Carter and Paris documented their wedding on reality TV.

They got married in November 2021, and the couple documented the lead-up to the big day as well as the ceremony on their reality show, Paris In Love.

“It's been years and years of people offering me different shows and sending me different concepts and I've turned everything down. But for this, I feel that after my documentary, it just ended in a way that really didn't have an ending,” Paris said during the Wall Street Journal's The Future of Everything Festival. “I have nothing to hide and I'm just so proud of how everything is today, and I just feel like my fans will really enjoy just seeing this like, maybe one of the most special moments of my life.”

The couple also honeymooned in Bora Bora, among other places:

Carter has two kids with Paris.

The couple welcomed son Phoenix in January 2023 via surrogate. Since then, Paris has shared a ton of photos of herself and Phoenix on Instagram, calling him “my world” in a July post.

Then, a few months later, the couple also welcomed daughter London. “Celebrating our baby girl London with a pink Christmas! 💕💕🎄💕💕," she captioned a recent series of pics.

Carter's team confirmed he was also the father to a daughter with former reality star Laura Bellizzi, according to Page Six. "The people who this story matters to have known about it for 10 years," a publicist for Carter told Page Six in 2021. "Carter supports this child. While he does not have a traditional father-daughter relationship with her, he has provided for her since she was born and will continue to do so."

Carter's net worth is pretty big.

His net worth is about $20 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. While that’s significantly less than his wife’s reported $300 million net worth, it’s not exactly chump change.

Congrats, Carter and Paris!

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Carter Reum Actually Has Another Child That Few People Know About (2024)


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