2K FREESTYLE - Lazy3x - LETRAS.COM (2024)

Chain, fake
Yeah, yeah, uh
Glocky, glocky
Yeah, ayy!
Spaz, spaz (ayy)

I grip on the stick, bitch I grip automatic
These nigg*s they fake, they faker than plastic
I stay with the tool just like a mechanic
You not gon' shoot nigg*, can it
I pull up and shoot, not shootin' no candids
They bullets they rip 'em, he need a bandage
The hollows will tear through 'em like a fabric
Boy stop all the cap, boy stop all the antics

In these nigg*s' songs, they f*ck up my adlibs
Pull up with the chrome and it can get tragic
I make him disappear like magic
The Glock with the dick, it get p*rnographic
Pull up with the poles, turn him holographic
Pull up with the beam and I'm wreakin' havoc
You is a bitch, you not a savage
And I got yo' bitch tied up in my attic

I put it in rare like she is hispanic
Better change yo' plan, better change yo' tactics
I pull up on block, then that nigg* panic
Pull up with the Glock, leave that nigg* tatted
But that nigg* go, better check his status
Get hit with the pole, got that nigg* spazzin'
I f*ck up her back, I'm givin' her spasms
I'm killin' that nigg*, throw him in a casket

But close yo' eyes before sh*t get graphic
Pull up with the glizz, split him like a atom
My money is small, my money elastic
I leave him underwater, Titanic
I poured me a four now, I'm finna test it
Full clip, shoot a panoramic
Get hit with the Glock, change the demographic
That nigg* a snitch, nigg* stop rappin'

The bullets they kiss, uh, romantic
Bitch, I got the clips, boy stop the theatrics
The chopper get wild, but the sh*t get jurrasic
Pull up with the tool, I shoot like a basket
Pull up with the shot, leave him in a casket
My nigg* stay with it, my nigg*s aggressive
Pull up on that nigg* if he not attentive
Not takin' my chain 'cause I got a weapon

We can get lit, we can get festive
The Glock with the dick, you get molested
This thing on my side just like a detective
The bullets abuse him, we get domestic
I bought me designer, boy, this sh*t expensive
I put him on TV, uh, Progressive
I look at your money, that sh*t not impressive
The glocky is on me, this sh*t is oppressive

This nigg* get popped like anti-depressant
Pull up with the dick, I'm sprayin' propellant
Chopper go ssssss, Febreeze!
Shawty a thot, she get on her knees
You don't fit the lick, don't fit the description
Bitch I'm in Detroit, I ball like a Piston
Pull up on his house, don't need no permission
I leave 'em wrapped up, Egyptian

Pull up with the beam and eat 'em like Skittles
I send him home, early dismissal
And I get yo' bitch, get played like a fiddle
That nigg* want problems, he get stumped like a riddle
These nigg*s they rats, Stuart Little
Too cool for school, I stay in detention
You say that's yo' bitch, why she in my mentions
Turn him to a ghost, Danny Phantom (ha, ha)


I'm king of this sh*t, yeah, I do it with elegance
I'm in the zone, I'm in my element
I'm with the spiders and all of 'em venomous
Can't give me brain if the bitch unintelligent
Hoes are retarded, I guess I'll be celibate
Indian nigg*, I'm up on a elephant
Why you be rapping if you so irrelevant?
Wait till your genitals go through development

I hit his skeleton, turn it to gelatin
Make his spirit fly up high like a pelican
f*ck a human being amount of melanin
Doesn't make a nigg* more-so malevolent
You know I tell 'em it, animal delegate
Stealing and burning and kill for the hell of it
All of these rappers is funny, it evident
All of 'em f*cking witchu for the benefit

Do I be f*cking with them, it's a negative
nigg*s be actin' complacent on sedatives
All of yo' music is getting repetitive
Like how I rap on this track but it's better if
I just get credited, I ain't invented it
I just be gassing you all off adrenaline
I'm so competitive
Everyone got they opinion, but all of it relative

I'm in the cut my nigg*s, bacteria
Always be honest with nigg*s that near to ya'
nigg*s fall off always acting superior
I'm in the gut of this slu*t, her interior
Wanna join us, you don't meet the criteria
I got the rocket that popping in Syria
I be so cold to these nigg*, Siberia
If I'm on the track, get up, nigg* I carry ya

Pull out yo' spine, make a nigg* invertebrate
I'm in the city, it got a high murder rate
puss* ass nigg*s be talking, they sure to hate
Should I abort this lil' nigg*, that's her debate
Pull up I dump out a: Wait, running man, running man
Someone better get a weight, put a gram on a pan!
Bitch you on the front of gate, jump it then, jump it then
f*ck it get a cutter mate, GTA on demand

Vroom, vroom!
Might hotwire the whip and I zoom, zoom!
These nigg*s be sh*ttin' like boom, boom!
I'm winnin' I'm grinnin', a loon toon!
That nigg* want smoke but ain't put in
They butthole, I'm puttin' my foot in
Get out of yo' feelings, you could win
But you way too cold to be cool then!

I put my dick in her mouth and she suck it up!
I'm on yo' block and I'm barkin' like: What is up
I will not f*ck a hoe unless her butt is up!
nigg* be sucking toes, man what the f*ck is up wit' em!
My gun on my denim, I send him to Heaven!
I get 'em outside of the 7-Eleven!
He want it I bring 'em, a spider I sting 'em!
The poison is in 'em, I'm done on the rhythm!

Yeah, hahahaha!

2K FREESTYLE - Lazy3x - LETRAS.COM (2024)


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